Timeline for Git - beta version is available

Published June 18th, 2013 by Anatoly

We are happy to announce that Timeline for Git is now available for beta testing.

Git version of Timeline is only a plug-in for creative suite, there is no repository browser tool. The reason for this is that there are lots of free powerful Git clients for general file/repository management.

If you would like to get a copy of Timeline for Git for beta testing, please drop us a line at beta@pixelnovel.com

Timeline now supports CS6!

Published November 17th, 2012 by Anatoly

We are happy to announce an update of Timeline to support CS6!

The latest version of Timeline (2.3) now works with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign CS6.
Timeline 2.3 also works with CS5, so you can use it if you are on CS5 now but plan to upgrade soon.

Timeline now supports CS6

The update is free for the current users of Timeline.

Download Timeline for CS6 here: http://pixelnovel.com/timeline/download

Timeline 2.1 is in beta - supports Lion and CS5.5

Published October 5th, 2011 by Anatoly

We have been busy working on an important update to Timeline to make it fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion and Adobe CS5.5.

Now this new version of Timeline is in beta testing, so we would like to ask all of our CS5.5 or Lion users to download Timeline 2.1 and let us know if you come across any problems.

You can download Timeline 2.1 here:
Mac OS: http://pixelnovel.com/downloads/flex/Timeline_2.1.0.dmg
Windows: http://pixelnovel.com/downloads/flex/Timeline_setup_2.1.0.exe

Timeline for CS5 is here!

Published March 23rd, 2011 by Anatoly

After about a year in development Timeline for CS5 is finally released.

What is in this version?

  • First of all, the Timeline plug-in now works not only in Photoshop but also in Illustrator and InDesign.

    Timeline for CS5 supports PS, AI and ID

    Timeline for CS5 supports PS, AI and ID

  • Also, integration with the host applications got much better. Timeline panel is now a standard Creative Suite panel, which means that you can dock it as you would dock your history or layers panel.

    Timeline plug-in is now a standard Creative Suite palette

    Timeline plug-in is now a standard Creative Suite panel

  • Timeline panel works asynchronously now, so you can continue working in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign while a version is being uploaded to SVN.
  • Probably the biggest change : Timeline now includes a standalone Timeline repository browser app, which allows you to work with any files, not just Adobe documents.

    Timeline repository browser app

    Timeline repository browser app

Timeline repository browser app is a simple generic SVN client with a very intuitive interface and a minimal set of features that are needed for designers to manage their projects.

The Timeline app replaces the Project Assistant tool in the previous version of Timeline, and it also replaces Versions, TortoiseSVN or any other SVN client you have been using.

As usually, there is a 1 month free trial, so take Timeline for a spin now  - you can download it here: http://pixelnovel.com/timeline/download/

Plans for CS5, Illustrator & inDesign support in PixelNovel Timeline

Published May 21st, 2010 by Natalia

We are getting many emails where you’re asking about our plans for other Adobe products as well as for the CS5 support. So here you go!

Adobe released CS5. Does Timeline work well with Photoshop CS5?

Yes and no.
Yes, it does work on Windows. No, it does not work on Mac.
(And it’s not because we prefer Windows over Mac, of course not!)

It’s because Adobe has rewritten Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Mac, and some API are now broken.
But the good thing is CS5 has a new extension library that is much easier to use than the old one.

So we have decided not to tweak the current Timeline Mac version for CS5 but to concentrate on the new Flex-based version instead.

The new Flex-version of Timeline will be better integrated into the Photoshop UI and will include a repository browser, also written in Flex.

The Beta version should be ready in about 2 months. If you’re interested in testing - drop us a line at contact@pixelnovel.com and we’ll send it to you when it’s ready, hot from the oven.

What about other Adobe products?

We understand that there is a demand for the Timeline plug-in not only for Photoshop, but also Illustrator, inDesign, etc.

At the moment each plug-in requires a separate implementation. However by choosing the Flex technology we make it easier to port the plug-in to other Adobe products, which means the following…

When the next version of the Timeline plug-in comes, it will work with all most popular Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign).

Great, huh? If you have any questions, comments or, maybe, ideas you want to share - we are here and we listen.

Using Timeline with a Media Temple account

Published April 5th, 2010 by Anatoly

We have recently added support for the “svn+ssh://” protocol in Timeline.
“svn+ssh://” is basically the standard svn protocol tunneled through the SSH connection.

“svn+ssh://” protocol is used for SVN access by many hosting providers. For example, if you use Media Temple hosting, you can easily create an SVN repository inside your Media Temple account which can be accessed via “svn+ssh://”.
Here are some quick instructions on how to use Timeline with your Media Temple SVN repository.

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ComparePSD - the first Adobe Photoshop files comparison tool - is now free of charge!

Published January 21st, 2010 by Anatoly

We have decided to make our small and useful utility ComparePSD freeware. You can now download it for free on the ComparePSD page
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Our partnership with Beanstalk

Published December 8th, 2009 by Anatoly

We are excited to announce a partnership with Beanstalk - the hassle-free Subversion hosting!

Now you can easily sign into your Beanstalk account from Project Assistant - just select “Beanstalk account” from the list of repository types (this only applies to the standalone version). For more information on how to use Timeline with your Beanstalk repository click here

You can also download Timeline Standalone directly from your new repository page in Beanstalk. And to top it all up we are also giving a 30% discount on Timeline Standalone to all Beanstalk customers (you should get a discount code in your customer newsletter), and Beanstalk is offering a 30% dicount on the first month payment to all PixelNovel subscribers - please check your Pixelnovel newsletter for the discount code!

The ultimate guide to version control for designers

Published November 26th, 2009 by Anatoly

This is a re-post of my article originally posted on the great web design and development blog - Six Revisions. You can read the original article here: http://sixrevisions.com/project-management/the-ultimate-guide-to-version-control-for-designers/

For most developers version control tools are the most important tools in their toolbox. Every development project starts with choosing the right version control system.

However the majority of designers are still not familiar with the concept of version control, and a very few designers actually use some versioning tools in their work. This article will help you to understand why version control is important for designers and help you to start using it for your projects.
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Create a local SVN repository for your design files in 1 minute

Published September 23rd, 2009 by Anatoly

Did you know that you can set up a Subversion repository on your machine for your personal use in 1 minute? This post will help you create your own SVN repository on your hard drive.

Subversion repository is the central storage of all your versioned files, and it’s the main thing that you need to start using Subversion for your design work. If you are familiar with SVN you might have already used some existing repositories.

However, it is really easy to create your own repository on your hard drive, and there are certain advantages to it.
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