Using Timeline with a Media Temple account

Published April 5th, 2010 by Anatoly

We have recently added support for the “svn+ssh://” protocol in Timeline.
“svn+ssh://” is basically the standard svn protocol tunneled through the SSH connection.

“svn+ssh://” protocol is used for SVN access by many hosting providers. For example, if you use Media Temple hosting, you can easily create an SVN repository inside your Media Temple account which can be accessed via “svn+ssh://”.
Here are some quick instructions on how to use Timeline with your Media Temple SVN repository.

1. First you will need to enable SSH for your account and create a repository inside your data folder. Follow the instructions in this Media Temple article to create a repository.

2. Download and install Timeline

3. Once Timeline is installed, Timeline Project Assistant will be automatically started. Timeline Project Assistant is the tool that helps you to map the project folder on your machine to a folder in your repository.

4. On the “Authorization” page of the Project Assistant you will need to choose “Other repository” from the “Connect to” drop-down box:

5. Now you will need to type the URL of your repository in the following format:


You will need to replace with your domain name and ##### with your site number. Also, if you want your project folder to be in a subfolder of the root repository folder, you can add the name of the subfolder to the path. For example, if you want your project folder to be in the “trunk” subfolder, you should use


as the repository url.

6. Type your domain name into the “User” field:

7. Type your password into the “Password” field

8. Now you will need to create your first Timeline project. Please read Create a new project section in Timeline help for more instructions on how to do it.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I noticed that you have “” listed as the (mt) Media Temple access domain. In reality it should be If someone has * enabled as an A record in their zone file then your example will work, however if this is not the case, they will be unable to connect using this method.

    Access Domain info:

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